Yashi Brown

Poet, Musician, Speaker

Yashi Brown is a writer, poet, pubic speaker and leading voice in the mental health community and movement. Poetry became her chosen creative expression upon experiencing severe bipolar depression and mania symptoms as a young adult. Fueled by a burning desire to feel empowered and her deep spirituality, Yashi found her path to recovery.  Today, Yashi is an award-winning speaker and mental health advocate thriving with bipolar type I.

Mental Health Advocacy & Speaking

Yashi has become an avid mental health advocate successfully living with bipolar type I and has interviewed with prominent news outlets and print publications including TODAY Show, CNN (Insession), CBS, ABC News and Ebony/Jet publications. Her focus is healing self-imposed stigma as a vehicle to eradicate social stigma.

Spoken Word Poetry

Poetry became a safe space when Yashi began experiencing severe emotional challenges in her late teens. Her recent book of poems, Black Daisy in a White Limousine, expresses with imaginative detail her emotions, mental health challenges, dreams, and passions.


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