Yashi Brown is a writer, poet, pubic speaker and leading voice in the mental health community and movement. Poetry became her chosen creative expression upon experiencing severe bipolar depression and mania symptoms as a young adult. Fueled by a burning desire to feel empowered and her deep spirituality, Yashi found her path to recovery.  Today, Yashi is an award-winning speaker and mental health advocate thriving with bipolar type I.


Since 2011, Yashi’s poetry, spoken word and story of  recovery have been featured on Today Show, CNN, HuffPost Rise, SIRIUS XM, FOX News, CBS, ABC, KTLA, Ebony/Jet and TeenVogue media outlets and publications. She has published mental health pieces for Thrive Global, Huffington Post, NAMI National, NAMI Advocate and our HHS Department with a focus on self empowerment, eliminating self imposed stigma, radical self awareness and the many faces of recovery.

Google invited Yashi to speak with their Privacy team members on how search engine features and user defaults may impact mental health privacy. She performed and lectured at SXSW, BlogHer Health, NEXUS, NAMI, LACMA Mental Health Culture Change and Mental Health First Aid summits. She provided a personal narrative and shared spoken word at We Rise 2018, Los Angeles County’s hugely successful mental health awareness campaign and featured in the kick off rally with Common, Black Eyed Peas and Patrick Kennedy. She returned for We Rise 2019 and appeared with advocates, Madchen Amick and Mariel Hemingway.

Yashi also participated in former President Obama’s 2013 National Dialogue on Mental Illness campaign in response to the Sandy Hook shootings.  The administration still uses her advocacy video among Glen Close, Cher, Elyn Saks and other leading advocates. For SAMHSA’s 2016 Voice Awards, presented by Dr. Oz, Yashi, her mother Rebbie and sister, Stacy Brown, received the Special Recognition Award, one of America’s highest mental health honors for community leadership.

In the meantime, Yashi’s upcoming entertainment podcast and release of an immersive music and spoken word experience keeps her busy. She’s passionate about continuing her global advocacy in Africa while keeping up with her poetry workshops at mental health locked facilities in the Los Angeles area. Yashi wants the world to know that with loving support, proper treatment and perseverance,  mental health recovery is not only a reality but should be an expectation.

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