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Yashi Brown | Without My Mind
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Without My Mind
  • admin
  • September 17, 2016

Without My Mind

The only real thing is my heart 
Beating in my chest
Singing in Soprano when it sees a tree
Feels the earth scrunching under my toes
I am not so convinced of other organs 
Relying on
Fallacies within my head
Mixed messages
Every time I slowly remove a guard
Trusting my soul has been touched
Your “sting” pierces my core
So sharp and sure
So consistently pure to its nature
I must retreat to my shell 
Merely for strength
Merely for sanity not vanity
Merely for preservation, not manipulation
Merely for salvation, not damnation
Harm is the false vindication 
Of humanity called “self-harm”
However “risk” is sweet 
Only when met with chivalry
I am a laughing stock 
Nothing to anyone except the white coats
And clipboards
Without my mind, without my mind
Without my mind, without my mind
I am this useless repetition 
Of thoughts unkind
Always a heartbeat away
From picking myself off 
The nearest highway
I know too well the ramifications 
In exacerbating a leaking heart
That scares me more than it could ever
Scare you

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