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Yashi Brown | The Antique Affair
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The Antique Affair
  • admin
  • September 17, 2016

The Antique Affair

I’m every ancient rocking chair that never stopped
Every vintage bustier, fedora and fishnet pantyhose
Struttin Hollywood classics
Down Lankershim, La Brea, and Melrose


Packed like sardines along the ancient bazaars of Bengali
I prefer cobblestone rather than asphalt
Caressing the soles of my feet


The orchestras of Vienna, Salzburg, and Leipzig
Have nothing on me
The 18th and 19th century symphonies 
Have me on display
Not these hapless American reproductions
I’m the original sketches!
Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert, baby!


Stuck on old
A glutton for memories
Nothing like an old flame 
Can pull the pants off this knowing frame
I make love to my past, not my present day
I’m manic for vintage
I hear melodies
In aged, discolored pieces of paper, lace, or linen


I’m Josephine Baker of the 1920’s
Brazen as a maze
I serenade Hemingway, Frida and Matisse  
A jolt of adrenaline
From the thought of Langston Hughes collaborating with Lennon
Oh, the glorious leather straps of vintage


Their ever-warm texture
Of passion belated
Loving time because time is never sated
What is the physics behind the “antique affair”?
It’s a diva
A rambunctious indigo kid 
It’s independent
For nothing is as desperate and needy as “neeeewwwwww”.
It’s energy..
We beckon it
To feed on it
Until it dissolves once again with loving earnest
Where it will next be of service
Never lost!
This is the secret of the “antique affair”
I’m the thrift store that made it out of every woman’s past
The poor lady who believed
She could have better than what she already had..

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