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Yashi Brown | Papa
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  • admin
  • September 17, 2016


I reflect on my childhood and now womanhood
So proud to say I feel like a powerful tree
Roots so strong and deep
No matter the speed and force 
Life’s winds may blow
No matter how many storms, fires, blizzards, or droughts
All because the seeds you planted 
So spiritual, so strong, so rich, and so pure
Nothing can chop me down.
You and mom taught me faith in God 
Love for our fellow man
You taught me compassion
You taught me how to protect and stand up for myself!
You said don’t let ANYBODY tell you that you can’t do something!
You said for me to keep writing and the more I continue the better I’m going to get..
The more I will manifest..
I miss you so much.
You and mom gave me confidence
You gave me an amazing brother and sister
And raised us to look out and help each other
You loved us so much
Such a sensitive, gentle and simple man you are
So happy I was able to hold you till your last breath
I closed your eyes shut 
And now..
I can’t wait till I see you again
I love you so much..
Thank you Jehovah for giving me my papa..

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