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Yashi Brown | No Other Words Exist
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No Other Words Exist
  • admin
  • September 17, 2016

No Other Words Exist

This pain, it’s sick and splendid imagination!

You give God and his creation

a run for their glory.

How can I not live in awe

over reigning aches that outmatch us all?

My speech is less.

Your sweet ruby and sapphire bullets

configured for my heart and

curiosity between my thighs..

I know I’m primed for these incisions

I know there’s blessings in their precision

I also know they will end one day when my guards bid farewell

and disintegrate into a bed of roses, wisdom and peace of mind.

Marching in grateful unison.

So, I stand tall, open-wide lids that flutter;

No need to bow my head in shame

over what’s designed to discover

I’d rather die than say I’m in love.

But no other words exist..

                         ..to describe this.

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