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Yashi Brown | Blackdaisy In A White Limousine
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Yashi Brown's Book - Black Daisy: In A White Limousine

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Yashi Brown is an author, poet, speaker, and active leader in the mental health community. Poetry became a safe space when she began experiencing severe emotional challenges in her late teens. Her recent book of poems, Black Daisy in a White Limousine, expresses with imaginative detail her emotions, mental health challenges, dreams, and passions.

She was invited to the White House for President Obama’s 2013 National Mental Health Conference discussion on stigma reduction strategies which featured her video on the administration’s website, www.MentalHealth.gov , alongside Kay Jamison, Demi Lovato, Cher, Glen Close, and Elyn Saks. She also spoke at Google Headquarters about mental health privacy needs and was a “Goodwill Ambassador” for the LA2015 Special Olympic Games in downtown Los Angeles.

Yashi is especially passionate about conducting poetry workshops for psychiatric forensic patients through her foundation project, People of Poetry (POP), and is currently completing the music and audio re-release of her poetry book, “Blackdaisy in a White Limousine”.

Yashi demonstrates how a support system of family, friends, treatment, poetry, and her strong spirituality are the keys to her success.

Yashi Brown's Book - Black Daisy In A White Limousine: 77 Poems


Blackdaisy in a White Limousine is an urban anthology of modern challenges, passages, spirituality, sexuality, love, and family.

This provocative collection of contemporary poetry eloquently embraces a multitude of subjects from the coming of age experiences of a teenage girl to the inevitable loss of love and innocence of a young woman. Filled with courage, vision, and whimsy, the reader gets the sense of a well-worn journey that lands safely in a place of strength and hope. (I’m on a beautiful smile of endless sunshine / tickled pink and blue / like babies flying through the sky/ hello they say with their new eyes).

At once embattled and courageous are the poems depicting the triumphant self-realization that comes with battling and eventually overcoming her own mental illness. Never self-indulgent, her naked depiction of her own battle portrays both confusion and angst yet seems to never lose sight of hopeful anticipation (so sensitive the untold are / moving along like sound / either living deeply bruised and forgotten / or eternally found).



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